Split King Size -5 Piece- Beach Blue Bed Sheet Set


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Split King Size beach blue bed sheet set by mutlu home goods, double brushed microfiber luxury bedding deep pockets.

Split King Size

In the summer, bamboo sheets are cool, while in the winter, they are toasty. They aid in the regulation of human body temperature.
There is no any chemicals when bamboo is growing. We are producing bamboo bedding with rayon. He is coming from bamboo. Bamboo is ecofriendly.

Because bamboo fabrics release less allergens, they’re a good option for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Products purchased through Mutlu Inc., the sole legal owner of the Cool Bamboo Pillow Brand, are backed by a five-year warranty.


In 1979, Cool Bamboo Pillows began as a modest business in Norfolk, Virginia. We’ve grown from a modest start-up to a huge retailer and distributor throughout the years. It was a 39-year journey, but it was well worth it! This is the outcome of a dedicated and resourceful team.

We think that everyone has the right to a safe and comfortable night’s sleep. As a result, all of our products were developed in collaboration with health professionals and clients.

We are passionate about offering Bamboo Pillows and Bed Sheets to provide a more comfortable life for our customers, we strive for customer satisfaction and have provided more than 5 million products thus far.

And we launched our website in 2013. Since then, we have continued to make our customers happy both online and in retail sales.

We will continue to meet new faces and hope to meet with you! You can look for us at more than 250 fairs, festivals and shows every year.


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