Cool Bamboo Ice Pillow


Cool Bamboo Ice Pillow memory foam is adjustable freely to your own sleeping style, you can either add or remove the filling by opening the inner zipper to find the perfect comfort level – for side, back, stomach or other type of sleepers.
Whether you like plush, medium or firm pillows, this sleeping pillow is for you.
Cool sleeping pillow select premium(pure) shredded foam which allows air through easily, and the cooling gel particles inside will prevent heating up.
You will feel just like sleeping on the clouds. Our special design of bamboo sleeping pillows will provide the full support for your head and neck.
It can allow memory foam to contour more closely to your body, providing perfect support for your head, shoulder and neck.
With luxury bamboo fiber, the daily pillow brings more softer, and breathable.
The material wicks moisture away from skin, resists odor. Without any harmful substances, good resilience, not easy to deform.


You can add or remove the stuffing by opening the inner zipper to reach the right comfort level – whether you sleep on your side, back, stomach, or any other sleeping position.
As a result this sleeping cushion is ideal for anyone who prefers fluffy, medium, or hard pillows.
Cool sleeping pillow made of premium(pure) shredded foam that allows air to flow freely while the cooling gel particles within keep you cool.
You’ll feel as though you’re sleeping on clouds. Our bamboo sleeping pillows have a unique design that provides complete head and neck support.
It enables memory foam to mould more precisely to your body, providing optimal support for your head, shoulder, and neck.
The material wicks moisture away from the skin and is odor resistant. Without any toxic ingredients, it has a high level of durability and is difficult to distort.


Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers can all benefit from this adaptable bamboo bed pillow, which has an interior zipper that lets you to remove the filling, second it is allowing for edge-to-edge support, which can aid in neck and shoulder pain relief. While ensuring that everyone is as comfortable as possible, we all desperately need.

To ensure maximum breathability, our high-tech fabric is made up of 60% bamboo-derived viscose rayon and 40% polyester. As a result, our pillows are cooler than the majority of pillows on the market. Not to mention, the cross-cut form of our memory foam minimizes clumping and causes. The compressed air creates a suffocating sense, allowing you to sleep well.

Our outer bamboo pillow cover is breathable, hypoallergenic, odor-free, and machine washable in cold water. For easy washing, as a result our premium inner and exterior coverings contain the best quality zippers!

With this high-end adjustable cushion. As a result you may effortlessly alter the shredded memory foam pillow from the comfort of your own home. The inside and outer covers of this pillow are also zipped. By adjusting, you can take control of your sleep. By adding or removing foam fillings, you can adjust your sleeping posture. Pillows are initially fairly hard, so if you like a softer pillow, simply remove some from the inside.
60 percent Bamboo Derived Viscose, 40 percent Polyester on one side, 60 percent Ice Silk, 40 percent Polyester on the other.

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King, King (2 pack), Queen/Standart, Queen/Standart (2 pack)


MATERIAL: One side is 60% Bamboo Derived Viscose, 40% Polyester and other side is 60% Ice Silk and 40%Polyester




5 years




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